Don’t just hear it from us!

We work with over 30 employers throughout the Police, Prison, Military, Fire, and Health Services, who share our mission of improving the financial resilience of those who serve and protect.



Serve and Protect Credit Union provides service personnel (SP) with additional financial tools. Currently a regular saver plan giving annual dividend of 1.2%, for an easy access savings account regardless of the amount saved each month, and borrowing includes the option for a consolidation loan which many SP find cheaper from Military CU than other providers. The ethos of saving is fully supported by Military CU and borrowing sensibly to achieve life’s financial goals.

As 4X SO2 Retention & Transition for five years, I have seen the transformation afforded to SP when they are made aware of this support. It’s simply a game changer for many of them.



Working alongside Serve and Protect Credit Union has helped us to gain valuable insight into the financial challenges faced by our colleagues. They play a really important role in helping to improve the financial resilience of both our Police Officers and Staff, encouraging them to save, but also knowing they have an option to turn to should they ever need to borrow throughout their career.